• Telescoping tubing
  • Bracketry universal to any angle grinder
  • Industrial rollers to grip the flange face
  • Protective carrying case
  • Industrial wheels and retractable handle
  • Drive motor 24V rechargeable battery (2)
  • 24V battery charger
  • Rotary connector
  • WEIGHT: 35 lbs
  • WIDTH: 21" Collapsed / 25" Expanded
  • DEPTH: 14"
  • HEIGHT: 13"
High-Performance Rollers
High-Performance Rollers

The FP Machine revolves around the flange with ease and consistency thanks to the industrial rollers driving the tool on the inside and outside diameter of the flange.

Telescoping Tubing
Telescoping Tubing

We implemented telescoping tubing so you can adjust your FP Machine to be the ideal width for each flange face. As the pipe diameter increases, so does the tool width. This design makes setup incredibly quick and easy.

Specialized Bracketry
Specialized Bracketry

We designed our specialized bracketry to be universal to any angle grinder. The angle grinder simply attaches to the FP machine, which is then attached to the flange.